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Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Welcome to the home of Babbity Life

Babbity Environmental Ltd.

Welcome to Babbity Environmental's blog, a great place to keep up to speed with what we're up to. We are a dynamic, multi-dimensional environmental consultancy, with offices across Scotland. At the moment, we're settling nicely into our new Outer Hebrides office, at the northernmost tip of the Isle of Lewis. There's not many places you can sit in your office at night and watch the Northern Lights, as we did last night.

Photo of the Aurora over Ness, Isle of Lewis, courtesy of Kat Harrabost (Facebook)

Daily Highlight

Today's highlight was a really positive meeting with the Cairngorms National Park Authority. Their vision is really exciting and forward thinking. Babbity is proud to be working alongside them on their Strategic Environmental Assessment of their 2030 programme.

Creating is what we, at Babbity, do and what better time for some complex systems analysis than when surrounded by nature? The office dogs appreciate it too!

Next week finds us back at the Glasgow office for a few days for a few meetings, and general catch-ups and Edinburgh the following week.

The Future

We are working on some pretty exciting projects at the moment. The Peterhead Newfield Holistic Renewables Energy Park has moved into the next phase and we are delighted to provide the environmental planning services for the project. There are lots of exciting opportunities ahead, both on the mainland and in the quickly evolving renewables industry on the island. This blog should keep you up to date on what we're up to. Feel free to follow us.

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